Metz – 1909

Metz Plan
The Metz Company
Waltham, MA

Charles Metz devised the “Metz Plan” to pay off the debt of the Waltham Company, which he had acquired in 1908. Under his plan, the Metz car was sold for home assembly in 14 separate packages of $25.00.

The first packages were sold before the last were even designed. This attracted complaints from some home assemblers who built their automobiles very quickly.

The packages with the biggest profit margin were sold first, providing Metz with cash to pay off debt while rising money to design and manufacture the engine and other parts.

The first complete Metz Plan cars were finished in late 1909. This two passenger Roadster was considered a “Light Car” and not a Cyclecar. Nearly 40,000 Metz Plan kit cars were produced from 1909 to 1911 one piece at a time. The Metz Plan Automobile succeeded in restoring financial solvency to The Metz Company.

Writeup from:  The Metz Plan