Preserving Our Heritage

Isaac Clarkson, “Ike” to his hundreds of friends, had a boyhood dream of being able to collect and display for future generations some of the machines of his youth; here, the dream came true.

Mr. Clarkson for many years worked a farm only about three miles from where the Museum stands today, and it was on this farm that the Elkhorn Antique Auto Museum really began, back in 1946. A fairly successful farmer at the time, Mr. Clarkson one day located the sad remains of what once was a lovely car, a 1909 Hupmobile two-passenger roadster. One of the first cars built by the Hupp Motor Car Co., the little roadster, if it could be restored, would also be one of the very oldest Hupmobiles in existence. The major problem was that it was a mess, to put it very politely. Ike’s first task was to start clearing the location.

For Ike his greatest dream had come true. A museum was opened in 1967 and he continued to work on the cars until his passing in 1971 at the age of 58.